Within the vibrant environment of the school playground, in a world where dragons are slain and princesses search for true love, our eccentric adaptation of one of Shakespeare's greatest comedies, A Midsummer Night's Dream, promises to leave audiences eager to relive childhood delights. This charming tale encompasses much of the joy, passion and battles experienced by a cluster of young children, and breathes life into the side-splitting silliness that lives within us all. So pick up your sword or grab your most treasured toy, for what lays ahead will be an adventure like no other!

The production is part of the Bristol Shakespeare Festival 2014 and in association with Bristol Pride.

Demetrius/Bottom/Puck - Alice Tripp
Lysander/Snout/Peaseblossom/Puck - Kat Hipkiss
Helena/Starvelling/Cobweb/Egeus/Puck - Giverny O'Brine
Hermia/Flute/Moth/Puck - Sophie Cox
Theseus/Oberon/Peter Quince - Charlotte Turner
Titania - Demi Horton
Hippolyta/Egeus/Snug/Mustardseed - Hannah Mosettig